The More Things Change, The More They StayThe Same

Well, this is unexpected.



I’ve been working on my blog redesign/relaunch for a month and a half. Not coincidentally, since I gained access to daycare. But today when I logged in, I noticed my stats had exploded. So, hello, new readers.

Still kind of surprised I'm a football fan.


The reason I’ve been redesigning the blog is that so much in my life has changed. Naturally, there’s the ever-evolving, breathtaking, babbling boy, who of course is a totally different child than last I updated. But I’ve also lost 75 lbs, made some pretty radical changes to my style (including the hair – consider it my red flag), started studying Cisco networking, and discovered that I’m kind of athletic!

This is from when I hit the 60lb loss mark. I don't actually have current pictures ready to post.

This is from when I hit the 60lb loss mark. I don’t actually have current pictures ready.

And yet I dusted off my (unused) tumblr, since my ex-partner-and-cult-leader has, unsurprisingly, tried to start his mind-games in a new fandom. I don’t really keep up with his activities. Hell, I’ve barely kept up with my friends and family, let alone irrelevant and diffused former abusers. Besides, it’s pretty obvious there’s no reason for me to even keep even the smallest of tabs on him, given the spike in traffic (and the fact that there’s suddenly over 700 hits on A Letter To The DAYDians).

That's Edward's BFF Jack

Why does it work like that?

So yes, Although I did not want to start back up with this track (ugh, so two years ago!) I’m still around.

I mean, you've got to be a little bit curious by now.

I mean, you’ve got to be a tiny bit curious…


Spoilerific Review: The Man From Earth

Tonight,  I would like to recommend a film that you’ve probably never heard of, but that (especially if you read my blog regularly) is really worth your time. Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth.

The Man From Earth

Warning: This film will make you think.

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Munchausen By Internet: The Case of Mike Feigen

Let me start by saying I am not currently involved in any of the Secular Homeschooling groups online, nor did I ever meet the person going by the name of Mike Feigen. But as the story has unfolded in one of the Atheist groups I am in, I can’t help but recognize the pattern. And, surprise surprise, I have some opinions on the matter. But then, my regular readers already know that I have extensive experience in the area of Munchausen by Internet.

A good movie, mental illness or no.

You'd be surprised how far you can get with hot air and fantasy.

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Of Trust and PTSD

I have had to debate a lot about what I’m going to write today. Generally, I am very upbeat about what I’ve been through. I just brush it off as a learning experience, or roll my eyes and laugh. I joke about cults, about Lord of the Rings, etc. And most of the time it’s accurate; I really do have a happy, full life that doesn’t leave me a lot of time to focus on the past. This is a good thing.

Yes, I brought gingerbread zombies to Christmas.

Because I had GingerDead Men to make.

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A Long-Expected Party, or, Where Has The Rum Gone?

Hello readers. I know I’ve been lying low. As I wrote the other night, I had a little vacation of sorts; a two-day trip to Portland, which was awesome for so many reasons. It’s Christmas time, so everything was lit up and decorated. I haven’t been to Portland proper in a couple of years – I think the last time I hung out downtown was before I started dating Chip. I love downtown, and sharing it with the boy was amazing. He’s walking totally on his own – in fact, we had many, many rounds of “If you don’t hold Mommy’s hand, Mommy will carry you.” I was not prepared for him, at thirteen months, to snatch his hand away from me and yell, “NOOOOOOO!” And although I used to laugh at toddler leashes, Santa is definitely bringing us one this year.

Also? Stairs. So many stairs.

He liked Pioneer Courthouse Square, because it was empty enough for him to run free.

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Living Well

I’m taking a little trip with my mom this week, She’s taking a class and I am tagging along for the change of scenery. It’s nice for Chip to have some time to himself, too. I’m very excited to take E to his first “big city” experience in downtown Portland. Given how much he wants to walk I didn’t even bring the stroller. We don’t have anything we have to do while we’re here, and we’re right downtown. Plus, he’s going to flip at Powell’s, That kid loves books more than almost anything except for Dada, Tseese and Kuh-tuh.

Kuh-tuh had a sharp drop in popularity this morning.

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A Moot Point: Part 2

Part 1

I’m sorry that this post has taken a few days. Given that the time immediately after Tentmoot’s epic demise was insane stressful, I wanted to make sure to recount it accurately. Which meant comparing notes with Diamond and Little Sam. In addition, I’ve spent the last few evenings chatting with them and Bob online, which is the first time we’ve all talked together since that time. It has been wonderful; although we lived as a group for less than a year, we forged bonds that evidently cannot be cut. I thought that by virtue of being the closest to Andy, that having been the “mouthpiece” for his lies so often, that having stayed for so long meant that I could never be anything but the enemy. But I was wrong, and I am grateful for them every moment.

Mmm. Cookies.

This is my cookie jar, but it is also how I feel.

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A Moot Point: Part 1

I’m actually rather grateful for questions when they come in, because I haven’t had to deal with writer’s block in weeks. They’re prompts and they give the entries some structure. Even if they’re talking about painful stuff. Don’t think that’s all the blog has become, though. I have actually been working on a few new posts, including a couple of new Spoilerific reviews. But in the meantime…

I looooooved The Dark Crystal

"Questions, questions, too many questions. You want a shard? Here."

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A Letter To The DAYDians: My Life With Andrew Blake Laid Bare

You’ve been hearing about me for a long time. Andy called me “Louise,” which really is my middle name. I am the woman who was accused of leaving him after seven years, taking my son “Connor” away from Andy, who loved Connor as his own. I am the girl in the painting.

It was a good photo. I wish I still had it.

He did it from a photograph, which he staged and took. The fabric was later turned into a Fiona costume.

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Revisiting the Questions

After all these years of people asking about Project Elanor, Tentmoot, and the internal workings of Bit of Earth, I assumed that’s what people want to hear about. But the response I’ve gotten, both in the comments of Questions and Answers and privately, seems to indicate that people are less interested in those aspects of the scandal these days. This is fine with me, as I realize more and more that is a post best left for after Jeanine and I have a chance to talk about what went down. I think I don’t know as much about what went down as I think I do.

A meeting that heretofore was inconcievable

I do not think this means what you think this means.

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