Rider’s Guide


Andy Blake
Currently known as Thanfiction, Andrew Michael Blake
Previous Public Identities: Amy Player, Stwriter, VoyagerBabe, Victoria Bitter, VB, Jordan Wood, Mister Frodo, PadawanSidious.





Andy has identified as male since 2003. I have no tolerance for transphobic comments or misuse of pronouns. It is sometimes necessary, often just for clarity, to use one of the earlier identity names. Just use the male pronouns, even if it “sounds weird.” No, this isn’t “outing” him either. Whether he admits to it or not, Andy has been effectively a public figure since before 2003. His (and my) history are well documented in all sorts of places, online and off. Nobody really gives a shit about that part anyway, because transwank is so 2000-Late.

He has a long and documented history of lying, manipulating and committing varying levels of fraud, although he has never faced legal consequences. He is a charismatic narcissist who has on multiple occasions (and in multiple fandoms) created his own version of canon and then convinced vulnerable people that he has supernatural abilities, including channeling. I was with him and sucked into his imaginary world for more than five years.

Jeanine Renne
Also known as: Turimel or Turi.

Courtesy turodo.com




Initially, Jeanine got involved with Project Elanor. After the fallout from Tentmoot, she maintained a livejournal about the events that eventually evolved into a kind of clearinghouse of information about Andy and myself.  She even self-published a book, When A Fan Hit The Shit. After I blogged honestly about all the stupid, dishonest shit Andy and I did (as I have lied on his behalf), she forgave me. And I forgave her. We made peace and reconciled, and are now somewhere between acquaintances and friends. Proof that anything is possible.

Diamond Took
One of the women who was in the cult with me. Housemate and Bit of Earth member. She and I were alone with Andy for several months before he ultimately kicked her out. Several years after we both left Andy, we reconnected and became, as we had been before, very close friends. Her blog is here. Not her real name.

Little Sam

OG BOEOne of the women who was in the cult with me. She was only fifteen at the time, staying with us with permission of her mother. Housemate and Bit of Earth member. Not her real name. This is her initial description of life in the cult.

Bob/Shopping Cart Bob



Housemate and Bit of Earth member, but never joined the cult. Has been a very protective and good friend, and was the first to openly forgive me and accept me back. He was, in fact, the most forgiving and wholeheartedly loving man I’ve ever met. His real name was Jason Richmond. Sadly, he was killed in a roadside accident on August 31, 2013. He is sorely missed.

Brittany Quinn

Brittany QuinnBrittany was a member of Andy’s subsequent cult and was particularly close to him. On May 7, 2011, she was murdered by her ex-husband, Jason Eisenberg. Eisenberg also killed Anthony Chambers (a friend visiting) and shot Andy in the ankle before committing suicide. Andy has quite shamelessly exploited her tragic death in the years since. See the Daily Republic article about the murder-suicide.

My ex-husband, who keeps his anonymity for the most part. Nice guy. Was in way over his head. Hope he got a happily ever after too.

Orangeblossom Brambleburr, OB, et al.
My handle during Bit of Earth.


DAYD, DAYDverse, DAYDian, et al.

Cover art

Cover art

All of Andy’s Harry Potter activities were built around his epic fanfiction, Dumbledore’s Army and the Year of Darkness, and the subsequent fics/art that he and others have created around it. Members of his private fandom call themselves “DAYDians,” (kind of like how Star Trek fans are “Trekkies” or “Trekkers”).

Bag End, Bagender

Fanart from the original series.

Fanart from the original series.

When the main Bit of Earth group all moved in to my (foreclosed) house, we rechristened it Bag End, and adopted Bagenders for ourselves in reference to a popular fanfic at the time. We still use some of our “Bagender-isms” with each other. Notice a trend of creating a deliberately named group with secret internal language and jokes? Not an accident, that.

The Mindhole

It was somewhat similar to this movie.

It was somewhat similar to this movie.

Andy’s “cult of personality” has repeatedly centered on his supernatural ability to “channel” a spiritual entity. He sometimes describes it as being an exceptionally strong medium. He “brings” someone – often the “real” person behind a fictional character (e.g. the real Frodo Baggins, or an English boy who lived with C.S. Lewis and was the basis for Peter Pevensie).

When he “brings” someone, Andy’s brain/soul pretty much cease to exist, as he is “in the ether.” The person being channeled then “takes over” his body. If the person has an injury or disability, Andy will “manifest” this (e.g. a distinctive limp, an arm that hangs useless) . Humans, human-like creatures (e.g. hobbits, elves, vampires), living or dead can come through. The only requirement for bringing the living was that the person being channeled be able to “astrally travel” or, occasionally, be very drunk or high. When he was with me, there were also extra dimensions – the ‘afterlife’, an alternate timeline version of 1944.

Under his Harry Potter/DAYD version, it was called The Hellmouth. An unsubstantiated rumor says that, in Supernatural fandom, he calls himself The Vessel.

A former DAYDian added the following, which is consistent with the Mindhole,

…[H]e also used the term “knock” as in “I’m getting a knock from So-and-so” and one of the alters would be portrayed. He also claimed that only someone who had experience with death/purgatory/etc coukd come through (although the definition of that was very, very fluid). In addition to any disabilities an alter may claim to have, he will also go so as to fake allergic reactions and self-harming coping strategies (“alters” have pulled at hair, picked skin, etc).

Core, Core Switch

Bad Apple, by Alfred Parades
The core is the person who actually lives within the body of the Mindhole/Hellmouth/Vessel. Originally, this was Amy Player. A Core Switch happens when that person “dies” and is “replaced” by a “new” person. So, when Amy “died,” the mindhole “duplicated” the last person who had been there/the person who had been there the most. In the first case, he became Jordan, duplicate soul of Elijah Wood. The second time he became Andy, duplicate of Orlando Bloom. The third time he became Zack, who was an original character from 1944. The name Andy came during his time as “Orlando Bloom.” I do not know if there have been more Core Switches since I left.

Events and Organizations

Bit of Earth, BoE

Main Page for Bit of Earth, 2003

Main Page for Bit of Earth, 2003

Bit of Earth was a small Lord of the Rings fan club based out of Portland, Oregon. It was run by Andrew Blake and myself and consisted of a mailing list, a web site, and several fan-run events (most of which failed, some catastrophically, largely because of Andrew’s dishonesty). It fell apart when a planned convention self destructed.

Project Elanor

BoE Project Elanor
A project by Bit of Earth in Beaverton, Oregon in 2003. We built a “reading garden” at a literacy center (which is now a Catholic Bookstore). Sean Astin attended the event, helped build the garden, and hosted a screening of The Two Towers preceded by his short film The Long and Short of It. There was supposed to be a donation to charity, but the bad management and inexperience meant that there was no money left over to donate. The garden still exists, although I haven’t been back since the original event. Learn more about it here.

TentMoot flier
A Lord of the Rings Convention planned for the week preceding the theatrical release of Return of the King. It was supposed to be awesome but it was a colossal disaster. See A Moot Point for more detail.

Hall of Fire Music Festival, The Lost Palantir Fan Film Festival, and The Rocky Horror Ringer Show
Other events put on by Bit of Earth, with varying levels of success and failure.

It’s About Power
Advocacy group started by Andy Blake after Brittany was murdered. Sponsored the Trail of Tears hike. The main webpage appears to have gone offline, but the Facebook page is still there.


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