A private note from Jeanine (Turimel), reproduced with her permission.

I’m not the best deliverer of compliments (much better at snark), but dammit, Abbey, I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of another human being (well, besides my kids) as I was of you. I could not IMAGINE any possible way I would ever forgive/believe you, after that extended debacle. So your letter was like a great work of art, or a symphony–one of those things that represents the divine part of human nature (and I’m an atheist too, so I use that word loosely–I think it’s so frigging rare for most people to express anything but base ugliness that we call it “divine” and godly when it happens). One of those things that restores your faith that people just might be a race worth having on this planet’s surface after all.

Don’t get all ego puffy about the praise, though, OK?

Snarkers? I know she got carried away and got a crazy reputation. But if she and I can forgive each other, maybe we can both live down our Wank.

via Wikimedia Commons